Thomas J. Harwood, Jr. Scholarship Fund

The Thomas J. Harwood, Jr. Scholarship Fund ensures that all children and their families have equitable access to Early Childhood Education and Out of School Time programs.






Thomas J. Harwood, Jr. served as the treasurer of the Board of the Director for over 35 years. During his tenure, Tom dedicated his time managing the scholarship fund and annual process. In June 2009, upon his passing, the Board of Directors dedicated the fund in his name in honor of his generous commitment of time, support and inspiration to our programs and families. donate

THE IMPACT – a small donation goes a long way.

In the past year, with many schools only offering virual instruction because of the COVID-19 pandemic,  Harwood Scholarship funds have created a lifeline to parents who need to return to work to support their families. The fund has provided much needed scholarship funds to for school age care to virtual learners. 

Harwood Scholarship funds also assist families experiencing crisis including a family of three who experienced a devastating loss when they lost everything in a house fire. In addition to the Center Director spearheading efforts to collect donations from the program’s families and teachers, the scholarship fund supported the family with one month’s tuition of $2,531 providing a consistent place of care for the young toddler, preschooler and school age child.

If you’d like to learn more about the Thomas J. Harwood, Scholarship Fund or other ways you can give, contact Lisa Dugan, Director of Communications and Advancement.

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