Wonderspring CEO admitted to the Forum of Executive Women


Wonderspring CEO, Zakiyyah Boone was admitted to the Forum of Executive Women. The Forum brings together and leverages the influence of professional women to expand the impact and power of women in the workplace and beyond. Its vision is for women to achieve equitable representation in leadership influence and power in the workplace.

The Forum works to:

  • Make the voices of women leaders he
  • Provide a venue for the exchange of views and information
  • Advance parity in the corporate world
  • Support members for leadership roles
  • Further diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Promote the contributions, skills and visibility of Forum members
  • Mentor junior women as they advance in their careers
  • Serve as a source of influential contact, business referrals and remarkable friendships

The Forum advocates for pay equity and recently released a Pay Equity Playbook and report that provides leaders and organizations with a valuable resource for advancing the conversation on achieving full participation and compensation parity for women, people of color and underrepresented groups.

“The childcare workforce is largely comprised of women who are vastly underpaid,” says Zakiyyah. “It is my hope that as a Forum will provide both the resources and platform for me to be a more effective advocate for pay equity in our workforce.”