Toddler Program

Toddler Care

Toddlers explore and experiment as they learn to walk, climb, and talk. Our toddler program provides a stimulating atmosphere to encourage growth, creativity, and curiosity. The enriched curriculum in toddler classrooms includes a balance of activities, such as age appropriate literacy development, socialization in large and small groups, outdoor play, and time to explore their individual interests.

Wonderspring’s toddler program provides all the hallmarks of a high quality toddler program as noted by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) including:

Positive relationships between teachers and children. Our teachers form close, relationships with children. By interacting with them in ways that show respect, they help toddlers learn to manage their own behavior

Time for children to explore and play. Toddlers need lots of interesting objects to explore. Wonderspring provides toys and materials that can be used in different ways so toddlers develop creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Consistent schedules and routines. Our programs provide responsive routines and transitions with time for active play (indoors and outdoors) and rest.

Effective health and safety policies. Wonderspring has developed comprehensive health and safety policies and procedures designed to keep children, staff and families safe and ensure that toddlers stay healthy and ready to learn.

Additionally, Wonderspring’s toddler program utilizes The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos,  a comprehensive, research-based curriculum designed to enable teachers to implement developmentally appropriate practices and offer responsive daily routines and meaningful experiences that nurture learning and development. The curriculum offers activities that encourage your child’s growth across developmental domains. For a sample schedule go here. Wonderspring also monitors your child’s progress to ensure continual development and prioritizes  communication with parents and caregivers.

Wonderspring offers toddler care at our Powelton Village, Narberth and Pottstown centers. To learn more or to enroll click the links below.