Our Powelton Village gardens are thriving

In May, a large group of volunteers from PNC bank came to Wonderspring’s Powelton Village center to clean our outdoor play area and plant flower and vegetable gardens. It was an amazing day and through the hard work of the PNC volunteers, the play area was transformed.

Since that time the staff and students at the Powelton Village center have been faithfully watering and caring for the gardens. The students have loved watching the plants grow and predicting which plants will bloom first. This week they literally saw the fruits of their labor. They were able to harvest radishes, cilantro and spinach, which was then shared with our families. Soon they will be able to harvest the snap peas and lettuce to share as well.

The children have learned so many wonderful lessons about plants and how food is grown in this process all while having fun outside. Thanks to PNC for making these gardens possible.

Check out the pictures below to see the transformation of the gardens.