MELC is now Wonderspring

Why did we change our name and logo?
While we are extremely proud of our long, successful history of providing the highest quality care and early childhood education across the region, our former name and logo didn’t truly reflect the learning opportunities we provide or even the geography we serve. We believe this new name and logo better reflect our identity as an organization and the innovative programming we deliver.

Who made this decision?
Our Board of Directors and leadership team went through a strategic planning process to prepare our organization for the future. This rebrand is one result of that effort. 

Why did we choose the name Wonderspring?
Tapping into a child’s wonder is at the core of our curriculum. Children are learning all the time, in every interaction with teachers and each other. Cultivating wonder in young children and sparking their natural curiosity are fundamental to developing life-long learners, which is the most important thing we do.

Will this impact the education children receive in any way?
No. The work of the organization is not changing. We are the same provider of high-quality, safe, convenient, and affordable early childhood education the community has come to know and trust. Our curriculum remains rooted in the latest research on how children learn best, and our teaching methodology will continue to be shaped by the interests of the children in the classroom in order to create the most meaningful learning experiences.

Will there be any staff changes?
No. Leadership, staff, teachers will all remain the same. 

Were you bought out by Wonderspring?
No. we simply changed our name. Our governing body and legal entity remain the same. 

Is tuition going up?
No. Tuition remains the same. 

How was this paid for?
This was funded through a grant from The Philadelphia Foundation, as well as sponsorship from a number of local businesses. They recognize the great work we do in early education and agreed that we needed to rebrand in order maintain current and relevant in the minds of the community. We appreciate their support. 

Who created the name and logo?
We worked with a branding firm to create a new name and logo that aligns with our core educational philosophy. The name Wonderspring represents our approach to early education, as we nurture children through the most critical learning years of their lives.

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