A holiday message from our CEO

This holiday help ensure all children
have the support they need to succeed.

Dear Wonderspring Families and Friends,

When I think about what makes Wonderspring such a special place, it is stories like Cyrstal’s that spring to mind Wonderspring such a special place, it is stories like Cyrstal’s that spring to mind.

After COVID, we noticed that my daughter, who was previously a leader in her class, became very quiet and was reluctant to speak up to express her needs. When we returned to Wonderspring her teachers worked closely with her to bring her out of her shell. They made her a classroom helper and encouraged her to take on small responsibilities. When she moved up to the next class, her new teachers jumped right into the plan and continued building her confidence. Every step of the way, her teachers were there to help me understand what was going on, provide feedback, and answer my questions. I really appreciate the extra attention and support they gave her. It was tremendously helpful in her transition to kindergarten.

-Crystal Bradley, Narberth Parent

At Wonderspring we know that social-emotional development is essential to a young child’s sense of well-being and we pride ourselves on being one of the few early childhood organizations in the region that prioritizes social-emotional learning. Our programs utilize an evidenced-based social-emotional curriculum and Crystal’s story is just one of many examples of how our efforts are helping children overcome challenges and develop into confident and successful individuals.

However, as you may be aware, the stress and disruption in the lives of children and families during the pandemic have had ongoing repercussions. Consequently, post-pandemic, Wonderspring has seen an urgent need for even more social-emotional support for children. That might mean adding specialized coaches or equipment to help our children better manage their emotions, cope with stressful situations, make appropriate decisions or find their voice.

This holiday season, we’re asking you to please make a donation to help Wonderspring enhance the social-emotional programming and supports we provide in our classrooms. Your tax deductible gift will help ensure that all the children we serve have the resources they need to succeed.

I wish each of you a joyous holiday season and I look forward to a spectacular new year for all our children and families.


Zakiyyah Boone